Mark your calendars – Kiddo Aikido classes are coming! The upcoming session will run for ten weeks from January 27th through March 31st.

Kiddo Classes will be every Saturday at 9:15 AM. (Please note that our start time has changed from previous sessions.)

The cost for the program is $125, and uniforms (Gi) are available for purchase at a cost of $50. Gi are not required for participation. More information below.


AIKIDO is a Japanese martial art based on a philosophy of approaching conflict with a peaceful intention and taking responsibility for the protection of, not only oneself, but one’s attacker as well. It is a very effective yet non-violent, non-aggressive form of self defense as well as a practice for fitness and well-being. Strength and size do not matter in Aikido, so it is especially suited for children.


Children gain the benefits of increased focus and concentration, energy management, self-confidence, coordination, resilience and balance. This is all done in a non-competitive, non-aggressive environment designed to nurture each child’s natural ability and comfort level. All techniques are performed without punches or kicks. Classes incorporate warm-up and stretching, meditation, technique and play.


Because Aikido is based on circular principles of absorption and redirection children learn to blend with attacks and redirect the attack safely away. Children gain the ability to defend both themselves and others easily and effectively without the use of violent or aggressive behavior. Aikido builds street-wise awareness and self-confidence and a sense of social and community responsibility. There are no tournaments, contests or competitions. The atmosphere is one of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect. Aikido for children is effective, safe, and most importantly—fun.

With our Aikido programs children learn how to:

– have confidence and overcome shyness.
– handle bullies and how not to become one.
– relax in stressful situations.
– focus and concentrate.
– coordinate their minds and bodies.
– defend themselves effectively.
– refrain from kicking, punching or striking.
– calm their minds.
– listen attentively.
– take responsibility.
– have fun-yet be ready to focus instantly.
– respect themselves and others.
– cooperate with others and help one another.
– use their natural instincts and intuition.
– be disciplined and have fun at the same time.
– interact appropriately with others.
– develop leadership skills.
– remain in balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
– escape from an attacker.
– fall and roll safely.
– sit quietly.
– walk and move silently.
– use all their senses.
– and much more!

About Our Program
Our Kiddo Aikido program is designed for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Boys and girls practice together in the same classes. We hold three series of sessions each year, 10-classes per session on Saturday mornings. All participants who attend at least 8 of the 10 scheduled classes and exhibit proficiency in the required techniques will receive a rank certificate.

Cost per participant: $125/session payable at the start of each session

Cost of Gi: $50 (Traditional Aikido practice uniforms are encouraged but not required.)

How to Get Your Child Started in Aikido
We recommend that you and your child watch at least one children’s class in its entirety. In this way you can determine if Aikido is right for your child and your child can determine if they would like to join the class.
No appointment is needed, just come visit. While visiting feel free to speak any of the instructors, and/or any of the other parents. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Reprinted with Permission
Greg 0’Connor
Aikido Centers