“The Way of a Warrior is based on humanity, love, and sincerity; the heart of martial valor is true bravery, wisdom, love, and friendship.” – Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido Aikido Center of Lancaster offers instruction and training in the martial way of Aikido.  We offer a traditional dojo setting in which men and women of all ages can explore this wonderful practice for self-defense and self-discovery.  The regular practice of Aikido yields physical, mental and emotional benefits including increased fitness and well-being, a calmer and more focused mind and a deeper sense of connection to your inner wisdom and our collective human condition.


Latest News

  • Important: Schedule Change

    Important: Schedule Change

    During the upcoming ten week Kiddo Aikido session starting on 9/23 and ending on 11/18, the Saturday class schedule will be as follows: Kiddo Aikido – 9:15am – 10:15am Adult class – 10:30am – 11:30am Seniors/Test prep – 11:30am – 12:00pm
  • Kiddo Classes Starting Soon!

    Kiddo Classes Starting Soon!

    Fall is just around the corner – which means it is time again for our kiddo classes! Our Kiddo classes will begin on Saturday 9/23 and will run for 10 weeks until Saturday 11/18. This fall we have changed our Saturday schedule to help make kiddo classes possible and provide additional time for aikidoka who…
  • Kiddo Aikido – Fall 2016 Starting Soon!

    Kiddo Aikido – Fall 2016 Starting Soon!

    Mark your calendars – Kiddo Aikido classes are coming! Ten weeks, beginning at 11:15 am  on September 17 – November 19.  The next 10 week session will begin on January 21, 2017.  The cost for the program is $125, and uniforms (Gi) are available for purchase at a cost of $50. Gi are not required…
  • Weekend Intensive: November 21-22

    Weekend Intensive: November 21-22

    On the weekend of November 21st to the 22nd, Aikido Centers Chief Instructor, Sensei Greg O’Connor, will be with us at the Aikido Center of Lancaster to teach classes on focused on test techniques and weapons. On Saturday, there will also be a special AiProtect workshop on personal protection for kids & parents. Please join…
  • AiProtect Workshop for Kids & Parents

    AiProtect Workshop for Kids & Parents

    AiProtect is a highly effective method of self protection for all ages and professions which also uniquely incorporates a philosophy of effectively resolving any type of conflict with peaceful intention. Presence, posture and attitude are taught as well as non-violent self-defense techniques for evasion, protection, and escape. Participants are taught how to have a calm…